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My return from Israel

I just returned from Israel. I arrived in Israel before the ceasefire was announced. And I picked up my group from the airport several hours before the ceasefire took affect. This group left the United States not even knowing that a ceasefire was coming. We had a wonderful time in the country, apart from the

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The Pharisees and the New Testament

  Most students of the Gospels are familiar with the Jewish party of the Pharisees. Christian history remembers them as the opponents of Jesus, even though the Gospels are unanimous that the party that handed Jesus over to Pilate did not include Pharisees (Luke 19:47,48; 23:1,10; Mark 11:18; 15:1; Matthew 27:1,2; John 18:28; 19:6).1 The Gospels define

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Shrine of the Book (4), Jerusalem, Israel
CHLS Offering Dead Sea Scrolls Intensive in Jerusalem

The Assemblies of God Center for Holy Lands Studies (CHLS), in partnership with the Shrine of the Book at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, is offering an intensive 10-day journey through history, literature, theology, archeology and geography in the specific study of the Dead Sea Scrolls in Jerusalem, June 11-24, 2015.   “This program is

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John the Baptist

One of the most fascinating personalities to emerge from the land of Israel in the first century was John the Baptizer.  John appears in all four of the Gospels as well as in the writings of the first century Jewish historian Josephus, who has more to say about John than Jesus.   A son of

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